7th North American Forest Soils Conference

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1W5

Published 1990

Sustained Productivity of Forest Soils

Edited by S.P. Gessel, D.S. Lacate, G.F. Weetman, and R.F. Powers

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Suggested citation: 1990: In: S.P. Gessel, D.S. Lacate, G.F. Weetman, and R.F. Powers. Sustained Productivity of Forest Soils. Proceedings of the 7th North American Forest Soils Conference, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Forestry Publication, Vancouver, B.C., 525 p.

Printed in Canada

ISBN 1-55056-29-8

General Session
1 The Challenges of Stewardship: Sustaining Forest Land Productivity in British Columbia Ted E. Baker and J. Andre McKinnon 1
2 Some Threats to Sustaining Forest Yields in North America: Research Challenges Peter J. Rennie 6
3 Forest Productivity in the Southern Hemisphere with Particular Emphasis on Managed Forests John Turner and Stanley P. Gessel 23
Site Processes
4 Deterioration of Forest Land as a Result of Atmospheric Deposition in Europe: A Review Nico van Breemen 40
5 Sustaining Site Productivity in North American Forests: Problems and Prospects R.F. Powers, D.H. Alban, R.E. Miller, A.E. Tiarks, C.G. Wells, P.E. Avers, R.G. Cline, R.O. Fitzgerald, N.S. Loftus, Jr. 49
6 Evaluating the Seedling Moisture Environment After Site Preparation D.L. Spittlehouse and S.W. Childs 80
7 Physical Properties of Forest Soils Containing Rock Fragments Stuart W. Childs and Alan L. Flint 95
8 Changes in Forest Biomass and Nutrient Distribution in Walker Branch Watershed, Tennessee, From 1967 to 1987 D.W. Johnson, R.J. Olson, L.K. Mann, and D.E. Todd 122
9 Can Measurable Soil Properties be Integrated into a Framework for Characterizing Forest Productivity? Gray S. Henderson, R. David Hammer, and David F. Grigal 137
10 Estimating Nutrient Uptake in Forest Ecosystems J.G. Bockheim and J.E. Leide 155
11 Organics and Metal Solubility in California Forest Soils J.G. McColl, A.A. Pohlman, J.M. Jersak, S.C. Tam, and R.R. Northup 178
12 Denitrification in Temperate Forest Ecosystems Eric A. Davidson, David D. Myrold, and Peter M. Groffman 196
13 Mechanisms Leading to a Sustained Growth Response N-Fertilization in a Stand of Pinus radiata P.K. Khanna and R.J. Raison 221
14 Nitrogen Pools and Processes During Natural Regeneration of Loblolly Pine David H. Van Lear, Peter R. Kapeluck, and Jack B. Waide 234
15 Forest Stand Conversion From Hardwoods to Pine: Twenty-Three Years Later Carl L. Lane 253
16 Douglas-Fir Productivity: A Conceptual Model of its Regulation by Water and Nutrient Availability Charles C. Grier, Stith T. Gower, and Kristiina A. Vogt 257
17 Influences of Acidic Deposition and Forest Development on Conifers at Pack Forest, New York J.P. Shepard, C.A. Nowak, D.C. LeBlanc, R.D. Briggs, and R.B. Downard, Jr. 274
Changing Productivity
18 Amelioration of Soils by Trees Richard F. Fisher 290
19 Manipulating Loblolly Pine Productivity with Early Cultural Treatment H. Lee Allen 301
20 Potential for Productivity Decline in New Zealand Radiata Pine Forests W.J. Dyck and M.F. Skinner 318
21 The Effect of Alder Forest Cover and Alder Forest Conversion on Site Fertility and Productivity Helga Van Miegroet, Dale W. Cole, and Peter S. Homann 333
22 Some Slashburning Effects on Soil and Trees in British Columbia M.P. Curran and T.M. Ballard 355
23 Effects of Burning Douglas-Fir Logging Slash on Stand Development and Site Productivity Richard E. Miller and Richard E. Bigley 362
24 Impact of Aspen Timber Harvesting on Soils David H. Alban and Donald A. Perala 377
25 Soil Organic Matter, Timber Harvesting, and Forest Productivity in the Inland Northwest M.F. Jurgensen, A.E. Harvey, R.T. Graham, M.J. Larsen, J.R. Tonn, and D.S. Page-Dumrose 392
Management Applications
26 On Fertilizing Semimature Jack Pine Stands in the Boreal Forest of Central Canada I.K. Morrison and N.W. Foster 416
27 Understanding Competition for Soil Nutrients-The Key to Site Productivity on Southeastern Coastal Plain Spodosols D.G. Neary, E.J. Jokela, N.B. Comerford, S.R. Colbert, and T.E. Cooksey 432
28 Post-burn Nitrogen and Phosphorous Availability of Deep Humus Soils in Coastal British Columbia Cedar/hemlock Forests and the Use of Fertilization and Salal Eradication to Restore Productivity G.F. Weetman, R. Fournier, E. Schnorbus Panozzo, and J. Baker 451
29 Nutritional Diagnoses in Loblolly Pine Stands Using a Dris Approach J.N. Hockman and H. Lee Allen 500
30 Economics of Forest Soil Resource Management George E. Dissmeyer and Bennett B. Foster 515

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