Forest Soils and Treatment Impacts

Proceedings of the
Sixth North American Forest Soils Conference
held at The University of Tennessee,
Knoxville in June 1983


Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries,
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4500

Hardwood Forest Soils
1 Hardwood Forest Soils: Past, Present, and Future [Keynote] Russ Lea, L.R. Auchmoody, and Williard H. Carmean 1
2 Characteristics and Management Implications of Ecosystems with Boreal Hardwood Components in the Great Clay Belt, Northern Ontario, Canada G. Pierpoint, R.K. Jones, J.K. Jeglum, G.M. Wickware, and R. Arnup 17
3 Soils; The Foundation for Poplar Plantations in Ontario Ronald W. Evers, Shân H. Morse and Deborah L. Rogers 29
Site Treatments and Site Quality
4 Site Quality and Site Treatment [Keynote] Earl L. Stone 41
5 Predicting Tree and Stand Response to Cultural Practices [Keynote] Richard K. Fisher 53
6 Use of Fertilizers in Sustained Productivity of Douglas-Fir Forests S.P. Gessel and W.A. Atkinson 67
7 Site Index and Selected Soil Properties in Relation to Response of Douglas-Fir and Western Hemlock to Nitrogen Fertilizer M.A. Radwan and J.S. Shumway 89
8 The Limits to Productivity: Fertilization and Nutrient Cycling in Coastal Plain Slash Pine Forests H.L. Gholz and R.F. Fisher 105
9 Site Preparation and Nutrient Management in Southern Pine Forests D.G. Neary, L.A. Morris, and B.F. Swindel 121
10 Effects of Forest Growth on Soil Nitrogen and Organic Matter Pools Following Release from Subsistence Agriculture Steven P. Hamburg 145
11 Minimizing Soil Compaction in Pacific Northwest Forests H.A. Froehlich and D.S. McNabb 159
12 Sludge Fertilization of Pine and Aspen Forests on Sand Soils in Michigan A.R. Harris, D.H. Urie, and J.H. Cooley 193
13 Moderator's Comment: Predicting Site Responses to Cultural Practices Robert F. Powers 207
Acid Deposition
14 Acid Rain, Forests and Forestry [Keynote] Ian K. Morrison 209
15 Dynamics of Organic and Inorganic Sulfur Constituents in Hardwood Forest Soils M.B. David, M.J. Mitchell, and S.C. Schindler 221
16 Effects of Acid Precipitation and Natural Processes on Cation Leaching from Four Diverse Forest Ecosystems Dale W. Johnson, Helga Van Miegroet, Dale W. Cole and Daniel D. Richter 247
17 Sulfur Input, Output and Distribution in Two Oak Forests J.M. Kelly 265
18 Acidic Deposition and Ion Movements in Forest Soils of Northwestern Wisconsin J.C. Bockheim, J.E. Leide, and J.M. Esser 291
Forest Soil Evaluation
19 Advances in Forest Soil Analysis [Keynote] John G. McColl 313
20 Predicting Fertilizer Growth Response and Nutrient Status of Jack Pine by Foliar Diagnosis V.R. Timmer and L.D. Morrow 335
21 Estimating Soil Nitrogen Availability Through Soil and Foliar Analysis Robert F. Powers 353
22 Importance of Subsoil Fertility to Forest and Non-Forest Plant Nutrition N.B. Comerford, G. Kidder, and A.V. Mollitor 381
23 A Rational Basis For Estimating Elemental Supply Rate from Weathering James L. Clayton 405
24 Sampling Forest Soil Conditions to Assess Impacts of Management Activities John W. Hazard and J. Michael Geist 421
25 Moderator's Comment: Advances in Forest Soil Analysis Carol G. Wells 431
Abstracts of Poster Session Papers
26 Applications of Multivariate Analysis Techniques in Mapping Forest Ecosystems: An Example from the Great Clay Belt, Ontario G.M. Wickware, R. Arnup, R.K. Jones, G. Pierpoint, and J. K. Jeglum 435
27 A Multivariate, Computer Assisted Approach to Soil-Vegetation Mapping David E. Moon and Corinne J. Selby 436
28 Mapping Forest Landscapes in the Yukon Territory, Canada E.T. Oswald and J.P. Senyk 437
29 Terrestrial Ecosystem Surveys in the Southwestern United States J.M. Gass 438
30 Potential Productivity Ratings for Forest Soil Mapping Units Harvey M. Schiltz and Brian P. Grisi 439
31 Site Productivity for Black Spruce Near Cochrane, Ontario Robert J. Miller 439
32 Soil and Vegetation Relationships and Forest Ecosystem Classification, Great Claybelt, Northern Ontario R.K. Jones, G. Pierpoint, C.M. Wickware and J.K. Jeglum 440
33 Boreal Forest Soils of Newfoundland and their Potential for Growth of Larch B.A. Roberts and R.S. van Nostrand 441
34 Forest Soil Mappping for Road Planning Harvey M. Schiltz and Thomas J. Corcoran 442
35 Soil Moisture and Its Effect on Plant Moisture Stress in Southwestern Ponderosa Pine D.G. Brewer and R.D. Wahlfield 442
36 Sampling Some Physical Conditions of Surface Soils in the Field S.W. Howes, J.W. Hazard and J.M. Geist 443
37 Fertilization Screening Trials -- A Rapid, Inexpensive Technique for Assessing Stand Nutrient Status and Probable Fertilizer Response G.F. Weetman and R.F. Fournier 443
38 Loblolly Pine Response to Bedding and Phosphorus Varies by Drainage Class on Lower Atlantic Coastal Plain Sites W.H. McKee, Jr. and L.P. Wilhite 444
39 Influence of Lespedeza and Phosphorus on Loblolly Pine Growth and Site Nutrients Jacques R. Jorgensen and Joseph R. Craig 444
40 Water Quality in the First Year Following Site Preparation in East Texas M.G. DeHaven and W.H. Blackburn 445
41 Prescribed Fire Effects on Forest Floor Nutrients and Ponderosa Pine Growth J.D. Landsberg, P.H. Cochran, and R.E. Martin 446
42 Endemic Earthworms and Nutrient Cycling in the Coastal Wet Western Hemlock Biogeoclimatic Subzone, Vancouver Island G.A. Spiers, T.E. Nason, J.D. Lousier, V. Marshall, E.C. Packee, and D. Gagnon 447
43 Some Chemical Changes in Aging Litter of Loblolly Pine Joseph R. Craig and Jacques R. Jorgensen 448
44 Litter Decomposition and Soil Microbial Activity in a Forest Receiving SO2 Pollution C.E. Prescott, R.J.F. Bewley, and D. Parkinson 448
45 Mycorrhizae, Nitrogen Fertilization and Rhizosphere Acidity Caroline S. Bledsoe 449
46 Autogenic Soil Aluminum Concentrations and Sugar Maple Ecesis in Mature Hardwood Forests in Illinois P.D. Kelsey and A.S. Messenger 450
47 Nitrification Potentials in a Watershed Dominated by Robinia pseudo-acacia L. and a Mature Hardwood Watershed at Coweeta F. Montagnini, B. Haines, and L. Boring 450
48 Acidic Precipitation Induced Leaching on a Forest Soil Margaret A. Griffith, Dianne E. Dimma, and Samuel N. Linzon 451
49 Effect of Acid Rain on Hardwood Tree Seedlings and Soil D.K. Patten and R.C. Schultz 452
50 Soil Characteristics of a Small Forested Watershed in Northeastern West Virginia Paul S. Frank, Jr. 452
51 Virgin Hardwood Forest Soils of Western North Carolina W. Lee Daniels and C.J. Everett 453
52 Tree Growth and Soil Conditions under Secondary Deciduous Forest in Northeast China Bo-Qun Lin 453
53 Forestry Soil Science in the People's Republic of China Bo-Qun Lin 454
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