Proceedings of the Fifth
North American Forest Soils Conference
held at Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, Colorado
in August, 1978

Edited by Chester T. Youngberg


Department of Forest and Wood Sciences
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523 USA

Keynote Address
1 Soils in the Practice of Forestry S. P. Gessel 1
Soils and Vegetation--Mountains and Plains
2 Changes in Soils Along a Vegetation-Altitudinal Gradient of the Northern Rocky Mountains T. Weaver 14
3 Soil Plant-Soil Relationships Along a Transect in the Middle Rocky Mountains and Associated Plains A.L. Southard 30
4 Vegetation-Soil Relationships of Forests, Woodlands and Grasslands of Arizona and New Mexico J. 0. Klemmedson and E. L. Smith 42
5 Soils Associated with Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands of the Great Basin N. E. West, R. J. Tausch, K. E. Rea and A. R. Southard 68
Geology and Landscape Stability
6 Effect of Geology on Soil Mass Movement Activity in the Pacific Northwest D. N. Swanston 89
7 Landslide Occurrence in the Western and Central Northern Rocky Mountain Physiographic Province in Idaho W. F. Megahan, N. F. Day and T. M. Bliss 116
8 Relationship of Clay Mineralogy to Landscape Stability R. D. Taskey, M. E. Harward and C. T. Youngberg 140
9 The Influence of Clearcutting and Road Building Activities on Landscape Stability in Western United States H. A. Froehlich 165
Soils and Land-Use Planning
10 Estimating Soil Erosion for Forest Land Management Planning: A Procedure G. E. Warrington 174
11 Mean Concentrations and Coefficients of Variation of Selected Trace Elements of Various Soil Taxa Selected Trace Elements of Various Soil Taxa R. D. Heil and K. R. Mahmond 198
12 Soil Inventory Key to South Fork Salmon River Land Management Plan Land Management Plan G. E. Wendt and R. A. Thompson 214
13 Washington State's Forest Land Grading Program B. G. Hallock 225
Soil as a Living System
14 The Rhizosphere Microflora and Biological Control of Soil-Borne Diseases of Soil-Borne Diseases J. A. Dangerfield 238
15 Microrganisms and the Reclamation of Mine Wastes M. F. Jurgenson 251
Nutrient Cycling
16 Nutrient Cycling in Boreal Forest Ecosystems of North America H. H. Krause, G. F. Weetman and P. A. Arp 287
17 Mineral Cycling in Temperate Forest Ecosystems C. W. Ralston 320
18 Mineral Cycling in Tropical Forests D. W. Cole and D. W. Johnson 341
Mined Land Reclamation
19 Soil and Rock Properties Before and After Mining J. C. Sencindiver and R. M. Smith 357
20 Planning Surface Mining Activities for Water Control W. R. Curtis 366
21 Nitrogen in Drastically Disturbed Lands R. G. Woodmansee, J. D. Reeder and W. A. Berg 376
Fragile Lands
22 Timber Harvesting Activities on Steep Vancouver Island Terrain W. W. Bourgeois 393
23 Sensitive Soils of Permafrost Terrain S. C. Zoltai and V. Woo 410
24 Alpine Environments and Recreational Use L. J. Knapik 425
25 Soils of Northern Canadian Peatlands: Their Characteristics and Stability C. Tarnocai and S. C. Zoltai 433
Clearcutting VS. Alternate Timber Harvest-Stand Regeneration Systems: Impacts on Soil and Environment
26 A Comparison of Harvesting Methods and Their Impact on Soils and Environment in the Pacific Northwest K. Cromack, Jr., F. J. Swanson and C. C. Grier 449
27 Clearcutting vs. Alternate Timber Harvesting-Stand Regeneration Systems: Effects on Soils and Environment of the South G. L. Switzer, D. M. Moehring and T. A. Terry 477
28 Impact of Timber Harvest and Regeneration Systems on Stream Flow and Soils in the Eastern Deciduous Region E. L. Stone, W. T. Swank and J. W. Hornbeck 516
29 Implications for Silvicultural Management in the Impacts of Regeneration Systems on Soils and Environment D. M. Smith 536
Contributed Papers
30 Sulphur Nutrition of Conifers in Relation to Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer, to Fungal Infections and to Soil Parent Materials J. Turner and M. J. Lambert 546
31 Municipal Wastewater Renovation, Growth and Nutrient Uptake in an Immature Conifer-Hardwood Plantation D. G. Brochaway, G. Schneider and D. P. White 565
32 Effects of Some Silvicultural Practices on Soil Site Properties in the Lower Coastal Plains C. A. Hollis, R. F. Fisher and W. L. Pritchett 585
33 Sand Stabilization by Afforestation in Al Hassa Oasis, Saudi Arabia A. A. Abohassan and V. J. Rudolph 607

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