Forest Soils and Forest Land Management

Proceedings of the
Fourth North American Forest Soils Conference
held at Laval University, Québec
in August, 1973

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Keynote Address
1 Soil and man's use of forest land E.L. Stone 1
Soil Physics, Biology, and Biochemistry
2 Evolvement of root and shoot systems of red pine on soils of different moisture availability D.C.F. Fayle and G. Pierpont 11
3 The depletion of soil moisture storage in forest soils P.J. Zinke 27
4 Soil temperatures and natural regeneration in south-central Oregon P.H. Cochran 37
5 Interpretation of recent 15N studies of nitrogen in forest systems R. Knowles 53
6 Nitrogen accumulation, transformation, and transport in forest soils A.G. Wollum, II, and C.B. Davey 67
7 The significance of mycorrhizae to forest trees D.H. Marx and W.C. Bryan 107
8 Soil mesofauna and silvicultural practices S.B. Hill, L.J. Metz, and M.H. Farrier 119
Nutrient Cycling and Soil Productivity
9 Nutrient cycling in loblolly pine plantations C.G. Wells and J.R. Jorgensen 137
10 Influence of the biotic factor and parent material on distribution of nitrogen and carbon in ponderosa pine ecosystems T.G. Welch and J.O. Klemmedson 159
11 An ecosystem approach to characterization of the nitrogen cycle in a deciduous forest watershed G.S. Henderson and W.F. Harris 179
12 The effect of forest management practices on water chemistry in a second-growth Douglas-fir ecosystem D.W. Cole, W.J.B. Crane, and C.C. Grier 195
13 Strip cutting as a means of protecting site and streamflow qualitv when clearcutting northern hardwoods J.W. Hornbeck, G.E. Likens, R.S. Pierce, and F.H. Bormann 209
Soil, Silviculture, and Quality of the Environment
14 Wastewater recycling on forest lands W.E. Sopper 227
15 Fertilizer use and water quality: considerations for agriculture and forestry G.W. Bengston and V.J. Kilmer 245
16 Nature and causes of stream turbidity in a mountain watershed C.T. Youngberg, M.E. Harward, G.H. Simonson, and D. Rai 267
17 The impact of timber harvest, fertilization, and herbicide treatments on strearnwater quality in western Oregon and Washington R.L. Frederiksen, D.G. Moore, and L.A. Norris 283
18 Evaluating impact of forest site preparation on soil and water quality in the U.S. Gulf Coastal Plain D.C. McClurkin and P.D. Duffy 315
19 Impact of chemical and mechanical site preparation on wildlife habitat M.C. Carter, J.W. Martin, J.E. Kennamer, and M.K. Causey 323
20 Aspects of land management with regard to production of wood and wildlife in the southeastern United States D.W. Speake, E.P. Hill, and V.E. Carter 333
Intensive Site Preparation in Managing Forest Lands
21 The effects of intensive management on planted loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) growth on poorly drained soils of the Atlantic Coastal Plain T.A. Terry and J.H. Hughes 351
22 The effect of mechanical site preparation treatments on soil productivity and tree (Pinus taeda L. and P. elliottii Engelm. var. elliottii) growth L.H. Haines, T.E. Maki, and S.G. Sanderford 379
23 Regeneration and growth of quality hardwoods on modified sites D.P. White, G. Schneider, W. Lemmien 397
24 Response of a pole-size maple stand to fertilization W.H. Carmean and R.F. Watt 417
25 Forest fertilization for non-wood production benefits in northeastern U.S. A.L. Leaf, R.E. Leonard, and N.A. Richards 435
26 Fertilization response in the northern coniferous forest K.A. Armson, H.H. Krause, and G.F. Weetman 449
27 Forest fertilization in the U.S. Southeast W.L. Pritchett and W.H. Smith 467
28 The Pacific Northwest Regional Fertilization Project, an integrated approach to forest nutrition research W.A. Atkinson and I.G. Morison 477
Forest Land and Site Classification
29 Bio-physical land classification in Canada M. Jurdant, D.S. Lacate, S.C. Zoltai, G.G. Runka, and R. Wells 485
30 Developing a wetland classification for Canada S.C. Zoltai, F.C. Pollett, J.K. Jeglum, and G.D. Adams 497
31 Mapping forest soils on Weyerhaeuser lands in the Pacific Northwest E.C. Steinbrenner 513
32 Interpretation of remote sensing imagery in the evaluation of forest land Philip Gimbarzevsky 527
Soil and Site in Forest Management Decisions
33 Use potentials of the forested soils on the Colorado Plateau, Arizona R.T. Meurisse, A.A. Leven, and J.A. Williams 541
34 Terrain sensitivity and the Arctic Land Use Research Program in the Mackenzie Valley, NW.T. L.M. Kavkulich and N.W. Rutter 559
35 Soil-site and forest land management decisions in relation to wildlife H.S. Crawford 571
36 A model for federal land management planning; the soil scientist and decision making Albert Ike, James Bethune, and Kenneth Ware 583
37 Significance of soil classification in forest land management B.R. Thomas and E.R. Burroughs, Jr. 599
38 Land stratification for land-use planning W.A. Wertz and J.F. Arnold 617
Information Requirements of Forest Land Managers
39 A soils information program to meet the needs of industrial forest managers D.S. DeBell, W.M. Fergerson, and R.F. Strand 631
40 A land manager looks at the role of the soil scientist B.B. Hronek 643
41 Information requirements of land managers on large projects with potential for major environmental impact P.J.B. Duffy 649
42 Ethical and legal aspects of forest land management A.C. Worrell 661

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