Tree Growth and Forest Soils

Proceedings of the
Third North American Forest Soils Conference
held at North Carolina State University at Raleigh
in August 1968

Edited by Chester T. Youngberg and Charles B. Davey

1Forest Soils from an Industrial OverviewL.F. Kalmar1
2Appraisal of Results of a Fertilizer Trial in a Twenty year old Slash Pine PlantationF.S. Broerman9
3Fertilizing Slash Pine on Sandy Soils of the Lower Coastal PlainW.L. Pritchett and W.H. Smith19
4The Phosphorus Placement Problem in Forest FertilizationR.H. Brendemuehl43
5Placement Influences the Effectiveness of Phosphates for Pine SeedlingsG.W. Bengston51
6Effectiveness of Nitrogen Fertilizers and Mulch for the Amelioration of Severe Planting SitesWm.H. Davis McGregor and N.B. Goebel65
7An Ecological and Microbiological Study of Urea Fertilization and Thinning in a Black Spruce StandM.R. Roberge, G.F. Weetman, and R. Knowles73
8Growth and Development of Pinus resinosa Plantations Subjected to Irrigation-Fertilization TreatmentsAlbert L. Leaf, Raymond E. Leonard, John V. Berglund, Arthur r. Eschner, Patrick H. Cochran, James B. Hart, Jr., Giles M. Marion, and Richard A. Cunningham97
9Growth Response Analysis for Fertilizer Experiments K.J. Turnbull, S.P. Gessel, and T.N. Stoate119
10Response of Yellow-Poplar to FertilizationJohn P. Vimmerstedt and Charles A. Osmond127
11Modifying Sites for the Establishment of Black WalnutG. Schneider, Ghaus Khattak, and John N. Bright155
12Growth of Mycorrhizal Monterey Pine Supplied with Phosphorus Fixed on PerliteG.S. Henderson and E.L. Stone171
13Ion Source and Ion Uptake by Pine SeedlingsG.K. Voight181
14Triazine Herbicides and the Mineral Nutrition of ConifersB.J. Conner and D.P. White193
15Relationships Between Foliar Nutrient Levels and Tree Growth in Red Pine Stands in MassechusettsD.L. Mader and J.A. Howarth205
16Growth and Nutrition of Yellow Birch as Affected by the Nutrient Status of a Podzol SoilM.C. Hoyle221
17Variations in Nutrients of Black Spruce NeedlesGerald L. Lowry235
18Dry Matter and Nutrient Accumulation in Young Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)L.E. Nelson, G.L. Switzer, and W.H. Smith261
19The Nutrient Contents of Old-Field Pinus virginiana StandsH.A.I. Madgwick275
20Relationships Between Foliage Nutrient Levels and Growth of Young Natural Stands of Populus deltoids Bartr.Edwin H. White and Mason C. Carter283
21The Effect of Thinning on Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture, and Root Distribution of Douglas-firR.F. Strand295
22Relative Concentrations of Iron and Manganese: A Factor Affecting Jack Pine Regeneration and Jack Pine-Black Spruce SuccessionAndre Lafond and Yyon Laflamme305
23Nutrient Cycling as a Factor in Site Productivity and Forest FertilizationJ.W. Curlin313
24Chemical and Physical Properties of Forest Litter Layers in Central WashingtonDavid D. Wooldridge327
25Site Rehabilitation Under Planted Redcedar and Pine D.C. McClurkin339
26Mineral and Gas Transfer in a Forest Floor-A Phase Model ApproachDale W. Cole and T.M. Ballard347
27Nutrient Balance Relationships for Watersheds of the Fraser Experimental ForestJ. Robert Stottlemyer and Charles W. Ralston 359
28Nonleguminous Symbiotic Nitrogen FixationC.T. Youngberg and A.G. Wollum II383
29Degradation of Herbicides in the Forest Floor Logan A. Norris397
30Grouping Soils on the Basis of Woodland SuitabilityPaul E. Lemmon413
31Soil Survey-A Guide for Forest Management Decisions in the Southern AppalachiansLindo J. Bartelli and James A. DeMent 427
32Rectifying Azimuth (of Aspect) in Studies of Soil-Site Index RelationshipWilliam J. Lloyd and Paul E. Lemmon435
33Soil Survey-A Guide to Forage Resources of Grazable Woodlands in the Southern Coastal PlainsHorace L. Leithead449
34Productivity Estimation by Means of Plant Indicators in the Longleaf Pine Forests of AlabamaEarl J. Hodgkins461
35Soil-Tree Growth Relationships in an Upper Coastal Plain SwampGeorge D. Kessler, Jack T. May, and Donal D. Hook475
36Site-Quality and Wood Quality in Upland Hardwoods: Theoretical Considerations of Wood DensityRobert Zahner477
37Tree Height-Growth Patterns in Relation to Soil and SiteWillard H. Carmean499
38Soils, Roots, and ForestersK.A. Armson513

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