Forest-Soil Relationships in North America

Papers Presented at the
Second North American
Forest Soils Conference

August 1963
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Edited by Chester T. Youngberg


1 Fitting Forest Users to Forest Soils Charles A. Connaughton 1
2 Amount and Composition of Forest Floors Under Washington Coniferous Forests Stanley P. Gessel and A.Nihat Balci 11
3 Forest Soil Fauna and the Forest Floor L.J. Metz and M.H. Farrier 25
4 Biological Mobilization of Potassium from Primarv Minerals G.K. Voight 33
5 Survival, Growth, and Nutrient Uptake by Spruce and Pine Seedlings as Affected by Slow-Release Fertilizer Materials Donald P. White 47
6 Seasonal Patterns of Nutrient Absorption by Forest Trees K.A. Armson 65
7 Accumulation of Dry Matter and Nutrients by Pine and Hardwood Forests in the Lower Piedmont of North Carolina Charles W. Ralston and Allan B. Prince 77
8 Movement of Elements Through a Forest Soil as Influenced by Tree Removal and Fertilizer Additions Dale W. Cole and Stanley P. Gessel 95
9 Nitrogen Accretion in Coniferous Forest Ecosystems B.N. Richards and G.K. Voight 105
10 Nitrogen Deficiency of Second Generation Radiata Pine in New Zealand E.L. Stone and G.M. Will 117
11 Soil Properties Related to Erosion of Wild-Land Soils in Central Washington David D. Wooldridge 141
12 Technique for Studying Soil-Water-Growth Relations on an Artificial Slope D. Mueller-Dombois 153
13 Soil-Vegetation Relationships in the Northern Hardwoods of Quebec G.J. Lemieux 163
14 Relation of Vegetation to Some Soils in Southeastern Alaska M.E. Stevens 177
15 Relation to Two Soil Substrata Conditions to Forest Cover and Nonforested Openings in the Seven Devils Mountains O.C. Olson and D.H. Crockett 189
16 Relation of Forest Composition to Certain Soils in the Southern Appalachian Plateau J.G. Byrne, C.R. Gass, and C.K. Losche 199
17 Soil-Vegetation Relationships of Two Bottomland Hardwood Soils in the Piedmont Region of Georgia Jack T. May and W.H. Blackmarr 215
18 The Clonal Concept in Aspen Site Relations Robert Zahner and Ned A. Crawford 229
19 Relation of Douglas-fir Productivity to Some Zonal Soils in the Northwestern Cascades of Oregon F.R. Stephens 245
20 The Influence of Individual Soil and Physiographic Factors on the Site Index of Douglas-fir in Western Washington E.C. Steinbrenner 261
21 An Approach to Soil-Site Problems: Sugar Maple-Soil Relations in New York C.E. Farnsworth and A.L. Leaf 279
22 Relation of Jack Pine Height-Growth to Site in the Mixedwood Forest Section of Saskatchewan J.S. Jameson 299
23 Plant Indicators Communicate Ecological Relationships in Gulf Coastal Plain Forests T.H. Silker 317
24 Forest Soil and Tree Growth Characteristics Related to a Synecological Coordinate System D.J. Pluth and H.F. Arneman 331
25 Some General Relationships Among California Forest Soils P.J. Zinke and W.L. Colwell, Jr. 353
26 Soils and Land Management-United States Forest Service E.M. Richlen, K.E. Bradshaw, R.F. Reiske, and J.R. Fisher 367
27 Relation of Soil Properties to Ponderosa Pine Production in the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico J.A. Williams, A.A. Leven, and H.E. Dregne 381
28 Significance of Stream Systems and Topography in Managing Mountain Lands John L. Retzer 399
29 Soil use and Management in the National Forests of California Kenneth E. Bradshaw 413
30 Forest Management Based on Soil Surveys in Georgia H.J. Byrd, N.E. Sands, and J.T. May 425
31 Developing Soil Survey Interpretations With a Large Forest Landowner William J. Sauerwein 441
32 A Detailed Soil-Vegetation Survey of the Alsea Area in the Oregon Coast Range J.F. Corliss and C.T. Dyrness 457
33 Soil Survey Methods Used in Mapping Weyerhaeuser Company Forest Lands in the Pacific Northwest F.E. Gehrke and E.C. Steinbrenner 485
34 Some Uses, Abuses, and Potential Uses of the Soil-Vegetation Concept Thomas J. Orr 495
35 A Co-operative Study of the Classification of Forest Land in British Columbia R.H. Spilsbury, J.W.C. Arlidge, N. Keser, L. Farstad, and D.S. Lacate 503
 Appendix-Plant Names   521
 Index   529

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