First North American Forest Soils Conference

September 8-11, 1958

Agricultural Experiment Station
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

1 A Look at Future Forest Soil Problems Charles E. Kellogg 1
2 Available Water: The Key to Forest Site Evaluation Donald P. White 6
3 Controlled Soil-Moisture Experiments in Forest Tree-Water Relations Robert Zahner 12
4 Forest Soils-Enigma of Northwest Watersheds E.G. Dunford 20
5 Isotype Tracer Methods in Tree Nutrition L.C. Walker 25
6 Plant-Soil Factors in Chemical Soil Analysis G.K. Voight 31
7 Physical Analysis of Forest Soils S.P. Gessel 42
8 Foliar Analysis in Tree Nutrition Research Donald P. White 49
9 Communications Between Soil Science and Forestry Stanley S. Locke 53
10 Soil-Vegetation Relationships in the Central Oregon Pumice Region C.T. Dryness and C.T. Youngberg 57
11 Some Soils, Vegetation and Site Relationships of the Climatic and Sub-Climatic Black Spruce Andre Lafond 67
12 Geology and Soil in Relation to Forest Vegetation H.J. Lutz 75
13 Soil-Vegetation Associations in the Redwood-Douglas-Fir Zone of California Robert A. Gardner 86
14 Soil Productivity for Hardwood Forests of Vermont Robert A. Farringston and Montague Howard, Jr. 102
15 Soil-A Factor Affecting the Distribution and Growth of Native and Exotic Forest Vegetation John L. Retzer 110
16 Nitrogen Transformations in Ontario Forest Podzols C.T. Corke 116
17 Manometric Studies in Agricultural and Forest Soils F.E. Chase 122
18 Mycorrhiza of Forest Trees V. Slankis 130
19 Diagnosis of Nutrient Deficiencies by Foliar and Soil Analysis in Silviculture Practice S.A. Wilde 138
20 Soil Management in Southern Pine Nurseries Jack T. May 141
21 Soil Management in Lake States Forest Nurseries Putnam W. Robbins 147
22 The Effect of Sawdust Compost on the Growth of Monterey Pine Seedlings Raised on Biocide-Treated Soils Mitsuma Matsui 150
23 Soil Interpretations for Woodland Conservation Paul E. Lemmon 153
24 Some Applications of Soil Evaluation in Southern Forest Management Charles W. Ralston 159
25 Soil Management by the Forest Manager Victor J. Rudolph 167
26 Depletion and Rehabilitation of a Sandy Outwash Plain in Northern New York Svend O. Heiberg and Howard Loewenstein 172
27 Soils and Species Adaptation: Red Pine Plantations in New York E.L. Stone, Gary Taylor, Norman Richards, and James Dement 181
28 Soils, Forests, and People Robert F. Chandler, Jr. 185
29 Soils, Forest Relationships in the Site Regions of Ontario G.A. Hills 190
30 Interpreting Soil Surveys for Use in Growing Wood Crops C.E. Deardorff and William J. Lloyd 213
31 Soil Classification as a Tool in Predicting Forest Growth W.A. Van Eck and E.P. Whiteside 218

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