North American Forest Soils Conferences

First North American Forest Soils Conference 1st NAFSC 1958 PDF*
Forest-Soil Relationships in North America 2nd NAFSC 1965 PDF*
Tree Growth and Forest Soils 3rd NAFSC 1968 PDF*
Forest Soils and Forest Land Management 4th NAFSC 1973 PDF*
Forest Soils and Land Use 5th NAFSC 1978 PDF*
Forest Soils and Treatment Impacts 6th NAFSC 1984 PDF*
Sustained Productivity of Forest Soils 7th NAFSC 1990 PDF*
Carbon Forms and Functions in Forest Soils 8th NAFSC 1995 PDF*
Forest Soils and Ecosystem Sustainability 9th NAFSC 1998
*PDF files-for printing and downloading files (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
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