ICT 2002 Newsletter


Dear ICT members and other interested parties:

The International Commission on Tracers (ICT) has been very active since the International Association of Hydrological Sciences ( IAHS) Maastrict meeting in July 2001. I've recently returned from the IAHS Bureau meeting in Paris and thought that I would take this opportunity to update you on our activities and upcoming events. Of course, I welcome your critical feedback and involvement on each of these issues. I hope that this e-mail might begin some dialogue within our group and with other interested parties that I have copied on this message.

Many researchers in North America and other regions outside of Europe are unaware of ICT and its activities. For those unfamiliar with ICT in this mailing, the web page can be viewed at http://www.cof.orst.edu/cof/fe/watershd/ict/index.htm . ICT will work to inform and attract new members from countries not previously represented within the organization. Major "ad campaigns" will be organized at AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December 2002 and at the joint EGS/AGU meeting in Nice in Spring 2003. In addition, we will "invite" key speakers to the Sapporo ICT workshop (see more on this below), encouraging "tracer people" not previously affiliated with IAHS to attend. ICT workshop.

ICT co-sponsored the AGU Chapman Conference on State of the Art of Hillslope Hydrology, October 2001( http://www.cof.orst.edu/cof/fe/watershd/chapman/index.htm). Tracer approaches factored heavily into many of the papers presented at the meeting. ICT was represented at the first PUB (Prediction in Ungauged Basins) meeting in Kofu Japan in early 2002 (http://www.cig.ensmp.fr/%7Eiahs/PUBs/kofu/kofu.htm) . Tracer approaches will be an important part of the PUB initiative. I have helped to draft the IAHS PUB language, a preliminary version of which can be found at http://www.cig.ensmp.fr/%7Eiahs/.

The ICT web page is in need of re-structuring and increased relevant content. Kevin McGuire, a PhD student at Oregon State University will work this summer to build content. He and I will work through September to make it a more useful place for tracer researchers to share and find information. We are also working to change the URL to "ict.org" so that it does not look as though it is under my personal page! I will distribute the new URL to all of you, along with the unveiling of the new page in late September. I will welcome your comments as we work to make this a more useful site.

ICT has worked hard this year to cement linkages with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). I visited IAEA in August 2001 and met with several IAEA staff. ICT was represented also at the 2001 IAEA workshop on Isotopes in Water Cycle Models. Pradeep Aggarwal and John Gibson of IAEA will also co-convene the ICT workshop at Sapporo (http://www.cig.ensmp.fr/~iahs/sapporo/HW06.htm).Pradeep has indicated that IAEAwill provide some funding for colleagues from the developing world to attend the Sapporo workshop.In May 2003, prior to the Sapporo meeting, ICT will be represented at the 40th Anniversary IAEA conference in Vienna. Pradeep Aggarwal, Head of the Isotope Hydrology section, was invited by the by me to draft an Invited Commentary for the journal Hydrological Processes, outlining IAEA activities in the hydrology area. This is now in press. I commend it to your for interesting reading.

The IAEA/UNESCO Joint International Isotopes in Hydrology Program (JIIHP) is an exciting new initiative that ICT will contribute to. JIIHP will facilitate the integration of isotopes in hydrological practices through:

  • development of tools for better understanding of specific hydrological processes and improving assessment, development and management of water resources;
  • support of national, regional and international program in water resources;
  • incorporation of isotope hydrology as part of hydrological curricula in universities worldwide; and
  • integration of isotopic data in hydrological databases at national, regional and global scales.

ICT was involved in helping to draft the JIIHP program back in 2000. The first JIIHP meeting was held in Paris a few weeks ago where IHP member countries were updated on progress and implementation of the JIIHP initiative. ICT will participate in JIIHP activities, especially in the area of training and education. I am in discussions with Jeff Turner at IAEA regarding how ICT may help to disseminate JIIHP materials and help to deliver shortcourse materials. I met briefly with Alice Aureli and Jeff Turner at UNESCO in Paris immediately prior to the JIIHP meeting to discuss these developments. ICT members have already organized shortcourses (in 2001 in South Africa, sponsored by IAEA) and hosted IAEA Fellows in our various labs and departments. I believe that we can play an important role in helping JIIHP to deliver its stated goals.

ICT has been active within the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) and the committee Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrologic Cycle (BAHC). I will represent ICT at the IGBP BAHC science steering committee meeting in Beijing in September. While the structure of IGBP will be re-organized in the coming months (involving the dissolution of BAHC), ICT hopes to link itself to the new IGBP Food, Water and Carbon commissions. I will propose that the new IGBP use IAHS and ICT as a mechanism to disseminate IGBP science materials, both in conference form and in written materials for the Hydrological Sciences Journal..

Finally, nominations are needed soon for filling positions within the ICT committee. IAHS has recently proposed that an association-wide nomination team be formed as a filter for the commission election process. Most of the other commissions have agreed to have this body coordinate the nomination process for commission elections. I would like ICT to the new format unless there are strong objection by you the members. Please contact me asap if you have any objections to this new process. I believe that Pierre Hubert may have written something on this at the main IAHS web page.


Jeffrey J. McDonnell
ICT President


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