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Online Data (top)

  • Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation (GNIP) and Isotope Hydrology Information System (ISOHIS)
  • United States Network for Isotopes in Precipitation (USNIP)
  • Canadian Network for Isotopes in Precipitation (CNIP)
  • Coplen, T. B., Kendall, C. 2000. Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Ratios for Selected Sites of the U.S. Geological Survey's NASQAN and Benchmark Surface-water Networks, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-160

Models for Interpreting Tracer Data (top)

  • Zoellmann, K. Aeschbach-Hertig, W., 2001. Evaluation of environmental tracer data by the boxmodel approach. Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Management.
  • Bayari, S., 2002. TRACER: an EXCEL workbook to calculate mean residence time in groundwater by use of tracers CFC-11, CFC-12 and tritium. Computers & Geosciences, 28(5): 621-630.
  • Matthew Lees, Luis Camach, Aggregated Dead Zone (ADZ) Model. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London,UK.
  • Runkel, R.L., 1998. One dimensional transport with inflow and storage (OTIS): A solute transport model for streams and rivers: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigation Report 98-4018. 73 p.
  • Toride, N., F. J. Leij, and M. Th. van Genuchten. 1995. The CXTFIT Code for Estimating Transport Parameters from Laboratory or Field Tracer Experiments, Version 2.0. Research Report No. 137, U.S. Salinity Laboratory, USDA, ARS, Riverside, California.
  • GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health: models in the UFIS database.
  • Leij, F. J., T. H. Skaggs, and M. Th. van Genuchten. 1991. Analytical solutions for solute transport in three-dimensional semi-infinite porous media. Water Resources Research, v. 27(10), p. 2719-2733.
  • Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory - catalogues over 1400 programs

    References for selected models:
  • Maloszewski, P. and Zuber, A., 1996. Lumped parameter models for the interpretation of environmental tracer data, Manual on Mathematical Models in Isotope Hydrogeology, TECDOC-910. International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, pp. 9-58.
  • Campana, M.E. and Simpson, E.S., 1984. Groundwater residence times and recharge rates using a discrete-state compartment model and 14C data. Journal of Hydrology, 72: 171-185.
  • Amin, I.E. and Campana, M.E., 1996. A general lumped parameter model for the interpretation of tracer data and transit time calculation in hydrologic systems. Journal of Hydrology, 179(1-4): 1-21.
  • Van Dam, D. and Van Breemen, N. 1995. NICCCE - a model for cycling of nitrogen and carbon isotopes in coniferous forest ecosystems. Ecological Modelling 79, 255-275.

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