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As Editor, I view HPToday as a useful complement to the regular journal Hydrological Processes. HPToday is meant to balance the papers that appear in the regular section with timely updates, features and ideas. As such, HPToday is meant to be an outlet for ideas and information of broad interest to the HP readership. While I solicit the Invited Commentary, I welcome ideas from you the reader on topics and people you think I should consider. The Scientific Briefings are a great way to contribute to HPToday and to bypass the normal queue of papers in the journal when you have a short paper where there is an idea of immediate impact. The criterion for a Scientific Briefing is that the results seem novel, arresting (illuminating, unexpected or surprising), and that the work described has both immediate and more far-reaching implications than a regular paper. Scientific Briefings go through the regular review process and are considered a fully peered reviewed scientific publication. Reprints are available to the author in the same way as a regular submission to the journal. I try my best to have the review process completed within one month. Once the final manuscript is received from the author, Scientific Briefings go immediately to the publisher and often appear in print within 3 months.

Thank-you for your continued support of our journal. I welcome your ideas and suggestions on how to improve HPToday in the future.

Best regards,
Prof. Jeff McDonnell (Editor)

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