Taught by:

Prof. Jeff McDonnell
Richardson Chair in
Watershed Science
015 Peavy Hall

2008: The Department of Forest Engineering
FE 607 The Future Professoriate


The Future Professoriate will be a discussion of how academia works for those anticipating moving in that direction. My motivation to teach this class is to promote dialog between PhD students, Post Docs and new Assistant Professors and to demystify some of the aspects of academia through open, candid discussion. Topics include:

  • How to get an academic job- The PhD as a launching pad for an academic career
  • How the funding game is played- An insider's guide to NSF and other organizations
  • Publishing 101- Journals from the perspective of authors, reviewers, editors and readers
  • Tenure made easy- From post doc to promotion and tenure

    Readings from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

    The Academic Zodiac

    Are you a good protege?

    Divvying up the raise pool

    Faculty salary

    Off the list

    Small college, big research

    A plan for surviving the tenure-year syndrome

    Short and sweet: technology shrinks the lecture

    What they didn't teach you in graduate school


    Lecture powerpoints:

    Lecture 1: Introduction

    Lecture 2: How to get an academic job

    Lecture 3: How to get tenure

    Lecture 4: How to publish

    Lecture 5: How to get grants


    Links from class:

    Link to Women in Science listserv (WIS)

    HESS, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences link

    The Academic Ladder

    University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana Graduate Career Services

    The University of Michigan College of Engineering Research Statement Guidelines

    The Chronicle of Higher Education: How to write a statement of teaching philosophy

    Oregon State University Promotion and Tenure Guidelines- Video from October 2008 informational meeting






























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