Taught by:

Prof. Jeff McDonnell
Richardson Chair in
Watershed Science
015 Peavy Hall

Fall 2008: The Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management
FE 537 Hillslope Hydrology
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Student Calendar - Fall 2008

Class Meetings: 10:00-11:50 am. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Peavy Hall, Room 024

Sept 25:- First Class Meeting

uSept 27: (next class): Field trip!

uOct 7: Virtual lecture: Keith Beven (author of your text)

uOct 9: Lab 1 by Luisa Hopp

uOct 18: Quiz (lecture material and Benchmark Papers) -- take virtual field trip beforehand

uNov 6: Virtual lecture: by me and quiz (lecture material and benchmark papers)

uNov 11: Lab 2 by Taka Sayama

uNov 25 or so (TBD): Project reports due before Thanksgiving break

uFinal Exam: in last scheduled class


Grading: 1/3 grade Quiz/Exam; 1/3 grade Project 1/3 Grade Labs

(adjustments up based on participation in class)