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From new descriptions of catchment form and function to new model blueprints

Conveners: Jeff McDonnell and Kellie Vache


Sarah Dunn, Macaulay Institute, Scotland
Gordon Grant, US Forest Service
Roy Haggerty, OSU
Christoph Hinz, University of Western Australia

Rick Hooper, CUAHSI
Jim Kirchner, UC Berkeley

Mike Roderick, ANU Canberra
John Selker, OSU
Siva Sivapalan, University of Western Australia
Markus Weiler, University of British Columbia 

Student Observers:

Ilja Tromp van Meerveld, recent PhD Student, OSU
Kevin McGuire, PhD Student OSU
Willem van Verseveld, PhD Student OSU
Derek Godwin, PhD student OSU
Cara Poor, PhD student, OSU
Dave Rupp, PhD student, BRE