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From new descriptions of catchment form and function to new model blueprints

Conveners: Jeff McDonnell and Kellie Vache

Workshop Agenda


Sunday June 13, 2004 

Arrival through the afternoon and evening

Check in for out-of-town visitors at Harrison House and Courtyard Inn (see below)

Ice breaker and drinks at Harrison House (7:00-8:30pm)


Monday June 14, 2004             Room 115 Richardson Hall

 8:30-8:45am             The USA CUAHSI, the Workshop Link to CUASHI issues

                                    Rick Hooper, President and CEO of CUAHSI

 8:45-9:15                   Welcome and briefing on evolution of the workshop ideas over the past 12 months

                                    Jeff McDonnell, OSU

 9:15-9:30                  Discussion of workshop structure, function and outcomes,

conference logistics

                                    Jeff McDonnell and Kellie Vache, OSU


Session 1. 1. Understanding heterogeneity: form and function

 Session Chair Mike Roderick

9:30-10:00               Macropore heterogeneity, form and function

                                    Markus Weiler, University of British Columbia

10:00-10:30             Hillslope and small catchment heterogeneity, form and


                                    Jeff McDonnell, OSU

10:30-11:00              Coffee in the “Knuckle”

Session Chair             Christoph Hinz

11:00-11:30              Geological heterogeneity, form and function at the mesoscale

Gordon Grant, US Forest Service

11:30-12:00pm        Theormodynamics-based plant-water heterogeneity, form and function: from single trees to the regional scale

Mike Roderick, ANU Canberra

12:00-1:00                Lunch at Marketplace West


2. Dealing with heterogeneity: new model blueprints

Session Chair             Markus Weiler

1:00-1:30                  New hydrogeochemical model frameworks based on

soil type heterogenity

Sarah Dunn, Macaulay Institute

1:30-2:00                  A case for Darcy, Richards and Boussinesq for dealing with


John Selker, OSU

2:00-2:30                  The REW approach as a new model blueprint linking form and process

Siva Sivapalan , UWA

2:30-3:00                  Coffee in the “Knuckle”


3. Learning from historical information

Session Chair Sarah Dunn

3:00-3:30                  Power law scaling behavior of groundwater and stream data: what does this tell us about the system

Roy Haggerty, OSU

3:30-4:00                  Mapping residence time distribution in space: what does this tell us about the system

                                    Jim Kirchner, UC Berkeley

4:00-4:30                  Nonlinearities in soil water nutrient concentrations: what does this tell us about the system

                                    Christoph Hinz, UWA

4:30-5:00                  On and off the mixing line detection: what does this tell us about the system

                                    Rick Hooper, CUAHSI

5:00-5:30                  Discussion of day’s events, discussion and segue to Day 2 workshop discussion points

5:30                            Return to hotel

6:00pm                      Depart for Tyee winery from Harrison House and Courtyard Inn

pm-                             1-page writing assignments for Chairs of discussion

(Roderick, Hinz, Weiler, Dunn) to report back to group next



Tuesday June 15, 2004             Room 115 Richardson Hall

8:30-8:45am             Discussion of Day 2 and 3 workshop structure, function and outcomes

8:45-9:30                  Mini-synthesis reports of Day 1

Roderick, Hinz, Weiler and Dunn

9:30-10:30                Moderator: Jim Kirchner


Getting issues off our collective chests from Day 1 presentations

(e.g. Discussion of what we think that we heard in Day 1 and the syntheses thereof, and general issues of thresholds, preferential flow, power law scaling, classifications, REWs, connectivity, etc)


10:30-11:00              Coffee in the “Knuckle”


How do we discover "laws" that govern hydrological systems from our observations of form and understanding of function which will be the foundation of a "theory" of hydrology?

Moderator: Siva Sivapalan

12:30-1:30pm          Lunch catered to Richardson Hall 115


How the new experimental findings can be accommodated within new (out-of-the box)  model approaches?

Moderator: Rick Hooper

3:30-4:00pm                        Break, walk around the campus

4:00pm                      University Lecture by Rick Hooper

                                    The CUAHSI Long Term Hydrological Observatory: What we

are looking for

5:00-6:00pm            Social in McDonnell’s Hydro Lab, 004 Peavy Hall

                                    All welcome

6:00pm                      Walk downtown to local restaurant/bar

pm-                             1-page writing assignments for Chairs of discussion

Kirchner, Sivapalan, Hooper to report back to group next



Wednesday June 16, 2004                  Room 115 Richardson Hall

8:30-9:00am            Mini-synthesis reports of Day 2 as a segue to Day 3 discussions

                                    Kirchner, Sivapalan, Hooper


Defining a new theory base for catchment hydrology: the essential elements

Moderator: Gordon Grant

10:30-11:00              Coffee in the “Knuckle”


Outlining the Vision Paper

Moderator: Jeff McDonnell

12:30-1:30pm          Lunch catered to Richardson Hall 115



Synthesis of 1-page reports, attendee writing assignments, defining future writing tasks for the group.

Moderator: Kellie Vache

 3:30pm                    End

6:00pm                      Dinner at McDonnell’s house for out-of-town guests staying

overnight and any diehard locals.