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Forestry Executive Committee (FEC)

The FEC Meetings are open to any College of Forestry member. However, there are occasional agenda topics which are titled “Executive Session”.  The Executive sessions are only open to Executive Committee members and deal with Human Resource or personnel issues which require confidentiality.

Because of the need for the FEC to be responsive to issues as they present themselves; agendas may be revised and updated right up to the meeting time.

For information contact Nathalie Gitt, 737-4279

FEC Members

  • Hal Salwasser, College of Forestry, Dean;

  • Steve Tesch, College of Forestry, Executive Associate Dean

  • Roger Admiral, College of Forestry, Director of Operations

  • Eric Hansen, Member at Large, Professor, Forest Product Marketing, Wood Science & Engineering Dept.

  • Ed Jensen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

  • Jim Johnson, Associate Dean, Outreach and International Programs and Program Leader, Forestry & Natural Resources Extension

  • Thomas Maness, Department Head, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management

  • Brenda McComb, Department Head, Forest Ecosystems and Society

  • Jeff McDonnell, Member at Large, Professor, Forest Ecosystems and Society Dept

  • Tom McLain, Department Head, Wood Science & Engineering