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College of Forestry Advisory Council (CFAC)

Charge CFAC College of Forestry Advisory Council Exerpt from Dean's Plan of Action to move the College forward 7/26/06

"Beginning Fall term 2006, the Forestry Leadership Team will be replaced by the College of Forestry Advisory Council. The Council will be charged with providing advice and counsel to me and the FEC on major decisions or policies affecting the College such as budget, staffing, and programs. Members of the Council will provide representation and liaison for their respective groups and facilitate communications between me and the College. Members of the Council are expected to represent the very best interests of the College, not advocate for any particular group. The advisory nature of the Council means that the group makes recommendations, but does not serve in a decision-making capacity. In addition, the Council will periodically review progress on actions responsive to CAFR recommendations and provide me and the College with periodic updates. I and the Director of College Operations will be the only FEC members on the Council. (CAFR recommendation 1)

In some cases, each group will recommend to me representatives to serve as their Council member(s). In others, Council members are designated based on the uniqueness of their position. Council members recommended to me by peers are: one department office manager, six professorial faculty (including one county extension and one fixed term faculty member), one classified staff member, one faculty research assistant, one research associate, one undergraduate student, one graduate student, and one representative for service units. I will select recommended members to optimize diversity for the Council. All selected Council members will serve staggered 2-year terms. Council members with permanent seats designated based on position are: Director of College Operations, Director of College Forests, Director of Forestry Computing Resources, and Director of Student Services and Head Advisor.

Meetings of the Council will be held at least quarterly and closely coordinated with FEC meetings. This will ensure important policy issues are discussed and Council input provided the FEC prior to decision making. (CAFR recommendations 1, 3, 24)"

CFAC Membership